Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deplin / L-Methylfolate Prescription

My doctor had given me samples of 7.5 MG of Deplin L-Methylfote. It has helped me a lot to lift my mood. It is a medical food. Meaning it is a prescription supplement and not a chemical manufactured by a big pharma corporation.

Deplin Facts, How It Works

Over one half of the general population is compromised in its ability to break down folic acid into L-methylfolate (MTHFR C->T polymorphs) and is even higher in people who suffer from depression.

Deplin® is unaffected by this common impairment in the body's ability to break down folic acid.

One Deplin® 7.5 mg tablet is bioequivalent to taking 66 of  800 mcg Folic Acid pills.

Deplin is highly concentrated L-Methyfolate which is the end result to eating green leafy vegetables or taking folic acid vitamins. Deplin is highly concentrated since a 7.5 mg pill is equal to 66 folic acid pills of 800 mcg dosage. I feel soooooo much better on Deplin, but it is not covered by any insurance company since it is a medical food and not made of man made chemicals and manufactured in a factory like regular medication. Insurance only covers chemicals created in a laboratory. My pharmacy, Walgreens, informed me it would cost $110 to get a prescription of Deplin. I said, "The is crazy! It isn't even a regular prescription! It is a medical food." The pharmacy tech told me, "Exactly. It is considered a supplement so it is not covered by an insurance. Even if you switch insurance it will still not be covered. If you want is a special order and you must pay $110 per month for it."

My pharmacy and I have put a call into my doctor's office. He had previously said, "You have to bottles of vitamins to get enough Methyfolate as what is is in Deplin." Clearly, taking bottles B Vitamins all day long and trying to get the same amount of folic acid into my body as what is in Deplin is not viable.

I talked to a woman in my doctor's office and she said, "We can put an appeal for you to get your Deplin covered by your insurance, but I need to know your medical history. I need to know the meds you have tried and if you have a history of hospitalizations." We discussed my history. I gave her drug names I have tried and with my 2 hospitalizations she said, "There is a good chance they will cover it for you." In the past my insurance has paid for meds that were $600 a month so it seems odd to not cover something that is $110 a month. There used to be a generic for Deplin, but the manufacturer stopped making it. I'd prefer to take one pill of Deplin a day than swallow 66 vitamins a day. Folic acid has to go through 3 steps in our bodies before it is turned into Methylfolate. The absorption of  Methylfolate is lower when we take it from food or folic acid than when we get it from Deplin because Deplin is a straight source and doesn't require 3 steps.

My doctor's office can not guarantee my insurance will accept the appeal and grant me my request. My doctor's office is charging me $45 to do the appeal. They are a bit steep....eeep! My doctor visits cost $200 for 20 minutes. My old doc who have me on 20 different pills per day charged me $130 per 20 minute. But paying more has resulted in significant med  changes and being on less meds + a medical food. I think the extra money has been well worth it. I am seeing a doctor out of my network so all my doctor appointments are out of pocket, but they do apply to my deductible.

Deplin has improved my mood so substantially that I am no longer shopping for a gun to blow my head off. I was looking at guns and trying to decide on a manufacturer and model. My new doc laughed when he asked, "How are you?" and I replied, "I am better. I am no longer shopping for a gun." He thought it was funny and I ended up confused as to what is so funny about that? He said, "You are just so honest about how you feel. It is very refreshing to hear someone speak their mind and not hide how they feel." I guess people don't tell him the truth so bluntly like I do? He was very surprised by what I said. I don't know why he was so surprised since I had told him previously, "Make me well. I am shopping for a gun. If I don't get well...I will kill myself." Maybe he forgot since he has so many patients? I don't know what to think of his reaction.

My insurance company said, "We will not cover Deplin no matter what is wrong with the person or their needs. No exceptions." They will not cover it because it is a "medical food" meaning an uber "extra strength vitamin pill" and they regard it as a supplement like any other vitamin. Deplin is so concentrated it is the same as 66 vitamins. Who wants to swallow 66 pill per day not to mention the expense of doing so?

The pharmacy that is contracted with Deplin can be found on their website or at this link:
Deplin Brand Direct Health Pharmacy Deplin Order Pharmacy


Deplin® vs. Folic Acid

Folic acid is a man-made product that needs to be broken down by the body through a lengthy 4-step process. Folate that comes from your diet (e.g green vegetables) needs to undergo a 3-step transformation.
Deplin® is able to be used immediately upon absorption.

Over one half of the general population is compromised in its ability to break down folic acid into L-methylfolate (MTHFR C->T polymorphs) and is even higher in people who suffer from depression.
Deplin® is unaffected by this common impairment in the body's ability to break down folic acid.
One Deplin® 7.5mg tablet is bioequivalent to taking sixty-six 800 mcg folic acid pills.

Deplin® works through a natural process in the brain to regulate all three monoamine neurotransmitters associated with mood by providing the increased dietary requirements for folate. L-methylfolate is needed by depressed patients with suboptimal folate to regulate the synthesis of monoamines (serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine) and known as a trimonoamine modulator (TMM). By managing trimonoamine neurotransmitter synthesis, L-methylfolate, when taken with antidepressants, improves benefits.
What are the benefits of managing sub-optimal folate levels in the brain?

You may begin to notice a difference after taking Deplin® for 1 to 2 weeks, but the full effect may take 4 to 6 weeks. You may feel improvement in one or more of the following: 
  • Motivation
  • Initiative
  • Alertness
  • Concentration
  • Mood
  • Sociability
Are there side effects with Deplin®?
L-methylfolate was well tolerated in both short-term and long-term trials. Side effects did not differ from a sugar pill (placebo). Deplin® has not been associated with weight gain, sexual dysfunction, nausea, or akathisia.

Will Deplin® affect medications I might be taking?
Deplin® does not require dosing adjustments when taken together with most medications. Deplin® may lower the levels of the following anticonvulsants (mood stabilizers): carbamazepine, fosphenytoin, phenytoin, phenobarbital, primidone, valproic acid. If you are taking one of these medications, let your doctor know.

When would Deplin® not be right for me?
If you have a known hypersensitivity to folate or folic acid.

How long do I have to take it?
For some, depression can be an ongoing condition that may require long-term treatment. Your healthcare provider will track your progress and work with you to determine the right length for you. Do not stop taking Deplin® without talking to your doctor.

Low Folate Levels and Depression

You may be at risk for low folate levels.

If you...
have a specific genetic factor that impairs folate metabolism 7 out of 10 people with depression may have a specific genetic factor that limits their ability to convert folic acid or folate from the diet to L-methylfolate. This is important because L-methylfolate is the only form of folate used by the brain to correct a neurotransmitter imbalance linked to depression.

  • suffer from some chronic diseases
    Diabetes, hypothyroidism, atrophic gastritis, Crohn's, colitis, malignancies , anorexia
  • take certain drugs

    Oral contraceptivesbirth control medications
    Antiepileptic drugsbipolar disorder, anti-seizure
    Lithiumbipolar disorder, depression
    Methotrexate, sulphasalazinearthritis, cancer
    Niacin, fenofibrateshigh cholesterol

  • have a certain lifestyle
  • Smoking, excess alcohol, dietary folate deficiency 
  • (poor nutrition, eating disorder, chronic dieting)
  • are pregnant


Partial Response

How common are unresolved symptoms after initial antidepressant treatment?
Almost 2/3 of patients have lingering symptoms or no response after their first antidepressant treatment. Some people may feel less sadness and find they cry less often but still have physical symptoms like headaches or backaches. Others may be less tired because they are sleeping better but could still have a difficult time paying attention and concentrating. People suffering from depression who do not achieve complete remission of symptoms are more likely to relapse and have a poorer long-term prognosis.

Why do some people have an inadequate response to antidepressants?
There are several reasons why an antidepressant may lead to a partial response or non-response. One is that the brain is not developing enough neurotransmitters due to insufficient folate in the brain. This means some people might not produce enough neurotransmitters for an antidepressant to work fully. Therefore impairment in the development and/or release of neurotransmitters can lead to an inadequate response from an antidepressant.
Deplin® (L-methylfolate) is an orally administered medical food for use only under medical supervision for the dietary management of suboptimal folate levels in depressed patients.

Research and Clinical Trials 

Deplin News Release 

 Deplin and Depression News Release


EDIT: March 7, 2012

DEPLIN is available as a GENERIC. L-Methylfolate. 

Metabolic Maintenance makes 5-MTHF L-Methylfolate

I take 10 mgs four times a day. 

I take it Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 9:00 PM as it only lasts a few hours and wears off.

This keeps the dosage level in my bloodstream so it does not spike and fall. 

My mood stays stable and I stay stable and rock solid. 

Taking the dosage all at once causes it to spike in the blood stream and suddenly fall off so there is no coverage. Taking it every few hours causes me to get off the roller coaster, stop going up and down with my moods. The dose has to be spread out so my mood remains stable and consistent. 

Taking the evening dose allows it to wrap around and give me coverage for the morning when I wake up. No evening dose means a rough morning until the morning dose kicks in. Then it is hard to get out of bed in the morning and face the day. That evening dose is important so I can get my butt out of bed the following morning. The evening dose sets the tone for the following morning. If I skip the evening dose...I don't get out of the bed the next morning. The whole next day is off and completely useless. Skipping a dose messes me up. 

I have bought L-Methyfolate from all three of the above vendors. I favor Amazon and Natural Healthy Concepts the best for price, fast shipping and good customer service. 

Natural Healthy Concepts has superior customer service, communication, package tracking, they ship very quickly, everything is well packed and arrives in good shape. The L-Methylfolate bottles are glass and they are wrapped in bubble wrap so they do not break. 

There are various vendors on Some ship through Amazon and if you spend $25 shipping is free. If you buy one bottle the shipping is free. Other sellers are not from Amazon so you pay a shipping price. Compare the final price to see what the total cost is and get the best deal. Prices fluctuate. As the price of gas goes up the prices goes up because the transportation cost has gone up making the cost of the L-Methyfolate go up. The main ingredient comes from Italy. As the price of fuel goes up the cost to bring the main ingredient from Italy to the US goes up so the cost goes up. is a store front that directs you to another store. I was unable to get my shipment for a month. It is a third party vendor who ships for and there was a mix up between the seller and drop shipper. Since they do not stock in house and do a drop ship this results in communication problems, glitches and delays. I had to follow up repeatedly to get my shipment. It was time consuming and a pain in the ass. No refund, rebate or freebies were offered for my trouble. Customer service was poor. Communication was poor. The seller insisted they had shipped when they had not shipped. They did not know what was going on. They were disorganized. The price was low, but the headache was not worth it. It is better to pay a few dollars more and not have to go through this headache.


  1. My insurance company said, "No way." We will not cover it no matter what.

    I went to the Deplin website and found they have a contract with a pharmacy for the lowest possible price. I bought Deplin through that pharmacy for $72 for a three month supply when my regular pharmacy wanted $110 for one month. The Deplin pharmacy guy told me I could buy the 15 mg tablet for the same price as the 7.5 mg tablet and break them in half. So, I got 6 months worth for $72 instead of $110 for one month. It is quite a savings.

  2. Hi. My name is Anne and I am Bipolar as well. I started adding Deplin to my Cymbalta and Lamictal and it has honestly changed my life. I never thought that I could have a normal life and I have never been so happy, I was able to repair my marriage completely, and am happy at a job for over a year now for the first time in my life. I can't believe what it has done for me. I am wondering why no one seems to be on it though? No one knows about it and even a lot of psychiatrists have never heard of it except mine who is amazing. Wish I could let more people know about this. Neurological Folic Acid deficiency may truly play a significant part in the disease.

  3. Anne, I think Deplin is very new to the market per what my psychiatrist said.

  4. Look up metabolic maintenance brand 5-mthf. It comes in 10 mg capsules, 90 capsules in a bottle. 56 dollars, over the counter. Same stuff, says L-Methylfolate on the ingredient panel on the back label.

  5. And yes, it changes lives. In two weeks, it pulled me out of cllinical depression. I clean house every night now, make plans and follow through, have motivation, enthusiasm, energy, etc. Before, I laid in the bed 14 hours a day.

  6. I started out taking 7.5 mg and it did give me a lift, but not enough of a lift. My doctor doubled the dose and I went up the full 15 mg pill. I felt better, but not completely well. I doubled it again (on my own) and started taking 2 - 15 mg Deplin pills in the morning and it lifted my spirits.

    I also added an additional T3 capsule to my day so my dosage for T3 is up to 67.5 mcg. The average dosage is studies there T3 was used was 90 mcg. I take 2 - 22.5 mcg T3 capsules in the morning and 1 - 22.5 mcg T3 capsule at night before bed.

    Between increasing the Deplin and increasing the T3 I feel much better. I am starting to feel like old self again.

  7. So far, so good. I feel good on Deplin. I am very pleased with it. I take One 15 MG pill every other day. I take Two 15 MG pills every other day.

    Day One: 1 pill
    Day Two: 2 pills
    Day Three: 1 pill
    Day Four: 2 pills

    I take an odd number of pills on an odd day of the month and an even number of pills on the even number days of the month. That helps me keep it straight if it is a 1 or 2 pill day. Then I don't mix up the dosage.

    Deplin + T3 has turned my life around.

  8. L-Methlyfolate got discontinued this past month on me -- raising my cost from $224 to $330 for Deplin. I understand the comment on "stop shopping for a gun" - I can relate! In other words I can't mess around - I need the Deplin - but WOW the cost. My doctor puts me on Cerefolin - because it's was cheaper for me at $224 for a 3 month supply -- but one week in - I'm back shopping for the gun. Needless to say I'm on the expensive Deplin but already 3 days in and back to normal. I did get the 15mg and cutting them in half -- it was $145 for a 3 month supply -- I highly recommend going that route! These insurance companies suck! Why they don't cover something that helps so many people!!!!

  9. My dosage has since been increased to two pills per day. Two every other day was not enough. I dipped down and went looking for a gun again. I was still swinging in my moods. I now take two 15 mg Deplin pills per day. It is expensive that is for sure. I was told no insurance company will cover it since it is considered a "medical food" and not a big pharmaceutical drug. Insurance plans only cover DRUGS. Insurance plans do not recognize vitamin deficiencies as a medical necessity even though it can cause you to die or to take your own life. I think this policy is bullshit, but that is the stance health insurance companies have taken. Until Congress forces them to cover vitamin deficiencies they will not do so. I guess we need to write our Congressmen and Congresswomen to make this a priority.

    I buy 3 months worth of Deplin at a time as that is cheaper than buying one month at a time.

    If you need 7.5 mg it is cheaper to buy the 15 mg pills and break them in half than it is to buy the 7.5 mg pills to take daily.

    It costs the same amount of money to buy the 7.5 mg pills as it does to buy the 15 mg pills so you might as well buy the 15 pills and break them half to have the 7.5 mg pills last twice as long and pay half the price. Please keep that in mind when ordering.

    The dose you start out with may not be your ending dose. I started with 7.5 mg per day. I am now at 30 mg per day. It takes time for your body to settle in and tell you what it needs. It takes time for your body to absorb the Deplin, take it all in and find its level and tell you this my level are close, but not there yet. Listen to your body. Listen to your mind. It will tell you when the level of Deplin is just right.

    If a vitamin deficiency is your problem of why you are in a Major Depression / Unipolar Depression / Clinical Depression or Bipolar Depression Deplin might be of help to you. It helped me. My life has been transformed by Deplin. My life is totally changed.


    10mg generic for $56 for 90 caps.

  11. OMG! Thank you so much for telling me! I went to the link and found selling 10 mg generic 90 caps for $55.72 a bottle. I now take 30 mg a day so a bottle will last me a month. I ordered two bottles and will it a try to see how it stacks up against the Deplin.

    The people at the pharmacy for the Deplin prescription are descidedly rude. I get sick and tired of poor customer service and rude ass people. One person called me to ask if I wanted a refill. They woke me up as I was at home, sick in the bed due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I woke up confused as to who they were and they they were calling. I asked them to please call me back as I was sleeping. They hung up on me without even saying anything decent like, "Sure, sorry to disturb you. No problem." They were flat out rude and they called ME! When I call the pharmacy the people who work there act like I am such a bother and they would rather play video games than talk to a client that it is not my idea of a good time to call in for a refill. I hate those people. It has become such a fucking hassle that I can not stand taking Deplin just because the people I must talk to are rude ass bitches.

    The decaying of customer service is really astounding. You don't have to act like a bored worker bee every time I call and be a snotty bitch. I'd rather talk to someone in Mumbai, India than talk these rude assholes and bitches. I am so over them. Yeah, it is nice to have customer service in America, but what happens when Americans are assholes? What then? Then I don't want to call you and order your product because I don't want to talk to your people who treat me poorly. I have been seriously considering going off of Deplin because I am so sick of how the pharmacy personnel behave. I had ordered my last order for three months at a time to avoid them, but with them calling to get me to do the refill and being a snotty bitch even then I could not escape them. They really are rude, rude, rude. My encounters with them have not been to my liking or professional.

    I want to buy from someone else who is more polite, more professional and can at least feign interest in me instead acting bored and won't hang up on me. Is this too much to ask?

  12. I'm taking Lamictal 400mg daily as it's the only drug on earth to have any effect on me mentally. several months ago I started taking Deplin and I'm on 15 mg. I felt no difference and next time me and my doc talked, he agreed with me that I should temporarily stop taking it and see if there's any difference. There was none but a few months ago I started again and I feel nothing still. I'm really considering the increase to 30mg. BTW I even have the MTHFR DNA mutation.
    It appears that you're on 30 mg. Good idea?

  13. Marcus Aurelius - Everyone is different. It is estimated 50-70% of people who have Major Depression / Clinical Depression / Unipolar Depression / Bipolar Depression also have B Vitamin anemia where they need L-Methlyfolate supplements. I am one of them. You may or may not be one of them.

    I am not familiar with the MTHFRA DNA mutation, so I can not comment on that.

    Yes, I take 30 mg currently. However, I am going up to 40 mg of generic.

    I have no idea what would be the appropriate dose for you. Everyone is different. It just depends on your body weight, metabolism and genetic makeup. It would be worthwhile to try it at a higher dose and see what you think. If it is of no help you can stop.

    I am starting generic in 10 mg dose which allows me to do it in smaller increments than Deplin. I split the dose throughout the day instead of taking it all at once, having it wear off and then having nothing in my system the rest of the day. I take one pill in the morning, one at lunch, one at dinner and if I take a fourth pill I take it at bed time. This keeps my blood levels steady and I feel better. If I do only one dose I take up the meds and then it drops off and nothing is in my bloodstream so I feel like crap. I go up and down. It is better to spread the dose out for a more level blood level and energy level.

  14. I am going up to 40 mg of L-Methylfolate (5-MTHF) a day. As stated above I bought it from (920) 886-7500 for $55.72 a bottle, 90 gel caps per bottle, 10 mg caps. Manufacturer Metabolic Maintenance.

    I just made the switch to the generic as of yesterday. I just made the switch to 40 mg a day as of yesterday.

    My dosage instructions are:
    1 - 10 mg pill in the morning
    1 - 10 mg pill at lunch time
    1 - 10 mg pill at dinner time
    1 - 10 mg pill at bed time

    The spreading out of the dosage keeps it more level in my bloodstream instead of taking it all at once so it spikes and then drops off. That is not very helpful. My doctor told me spreading out Lithium and the L-Methylfolate in the split dose is the best way to take it as you get a more continues dose.

    The gel caps are very tiny and easy to take. Since they are gel caps they slide right down. I find gel caps easier to take than tablet as tablets can get stuck on the tongue since they can be dry and chalky. Gel caps on the other hand slide right down no problem even without water. This is why I like gel caps.

  15. Bipolar Girl, please share with us how you do on the "generic" version of Deplin, the 5-MTFH from Metabolic Maintenance. I know it's too soon to tell since you just switched, but I'm very curious to see if the generic works as well as Deplin. I hope so as it's so much more affordable. I pay $67 for 30 pills of Deplin 7.5 at CVS with Aetna insurance. I suffer from depression and have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Disease (low thyroid function) and take Celexa and Cytomel (T3).

    I wanted to mention to everyone that my doc has put me on a mega-dose of vitamin D in addition to Deplin. 50,000 iu every week for a month then every other week after that. It's supposed to help with depression. This is Rx strength and may be something worth checking into. Fortunately, the cost is the same as a normal generic, $15. Why D is covered and not Deplin is beyond me, aren't they both vitamins???

    Anyway, hoping that the generic Deplin will work for Bipolar Girl and everyone else who tried it and that you'll let the rest of us know so we can switch. I'll make sure to post again in a few weeks once the Deplin and D have kicked in.

    Take good care!


    1. Kat -

      My endocrinologist doctor put me on Vitamin D, DHEA and Pregnenolone for failing Adrenal System. She sold me drops from BioMatrix ( for Preg and DHEA. The Vitamin D is from NSI at The liquid vitamin D is more concentrated than a tablet you swallow.

      You shake the small bottle to mix it. Squeeze the eye dropper to mix what is in the dropper and the replenish it. Then remove the dropper to dispense. I do not dispense from the dropper as my doctor accidentally squeezed a full dropper onto her own tongue and got cystic acne for a month. You only need 1-2 drops (that is DROPS and NOT a full dropper per day) so I dispense onto a spoon and lick the spoon. This allows me to control my dosage and prevent an overdose. If I use the dropper into my mouth it is hard to control the dosage and I could get a full dropper just like my doctor did. I find dispensing to the spoon and taking the dose from the spoon works very well. I set the spoon on the countertop. I drop the drops onto the spoon. The dose is so small it is not a problem to hold the full dose as it is only a couple of drops.

      Just remember to shake well each time you take the drops as the vitamins and nutrients are suspended in an oil such as olive oil. They must be mixed each time.

  16. I find the generic works just as well as the Deplin. I did up my dose to 40 mg as I stated. I feel better on the 40mg. I like that the generic is in the 10 mg dose so I can portion it out easier than the Deplin. Deplin comes in larger doses that can be pill split, but it is not as convenient. The generic 5-MTFH L-Methlyfolate is in a gel cap form so it can not be pill split. You can not open the gel cap to split the dose. You either take the 10 mg or you do not.

    I talked to my doctor about dosing times and he agreed with me spreading out the dosing times is the best idea as then it stays constant in the blood stream. There is no uptake in the blood stream and sudden drop off. This is why I take it breakfast, lunch, dinner and bed time so it stays constant in my blood stream. This gives me the best result.

    Deplin is not classed as a vitamin. It is classed as a "medical food" and this is why insurance will not cover it. Deplin is fighting with insurance companies to become covered, but who knows if and when that will ever happen. It might happen? It might not happen? Who knows? I wouldn't hold my breath. Insurance companies are quick to stop coverage of a drug and slow to start coverage of a new drug. I think hell has to freeze over before Deplin will be covered or maybe time has to run backwards. That is my theory anyway.

    I am going to stick with the generic. I am happy with it. I see no reason to go back to Deplin. The generic is still not cheap, but it is less than Deplin and it works for me. I am happy with the change. I have no regrets with the change.

    1. Hi BP Girl,

      Glad to hear you're liking the generic Deplin. I will order it now from the NHC website.

    2. I hope you like the L-Methylfolate from I am really happy with the generic version of Deplin. I wasn't sure what to think of it before I started the Generic version. I was worried it would not work. I was worried that I was taking a risk by switching, but it has worked out really well for me. I am on my third bottle. I am very pleased with the quality and results. It is just as good as Deplin, costs slightly less than Deplin, doesn't require any doctor office visits so I save on doctor appointments and never have to visit the pharmacy. I place an order via the phone number for NHC or via the website site. It is fast and convenient.

      NHC says it will take 5 days to ship and arrive. I usually get my order within 2 days. They are fast to ship and the shipment arrives quickly. The glass bottles are well protected and well packed. I am very happy with NHC. I have placed two order with them for two bottles per each order. I am very happy with how they pack the order. I am very happy with how quickly they fill the order and ship it.

      I am very happy with the quality of Metabolic Maintenance the manufacturer of the L-Methylfolate. I have nothing to complain about. I think it is a good product. It is a helpful product. It does not have side effects like a big pharm drug since it is a vitamin supplement which is highly desirable.

      I haven't read anything about it being harmful to try if a person does not have a B Vitamin deficiency. B Vitamins are water soluble meaning whatever your body does not use it flushes out and you pee it out. We do not accumulate toxic levels of B Vitamins as they are not stored in our body like other vitamins. They are flushed out in our urine. I know people who have tried L-Methylfolate to see if this their problem or not. They found it did not help them, but there was no harm in trying L-Methylfolate to see if they were deficient and ruling it out as their problem. It is a safe substance to try.

  17. Kat -
    Vitamin D is what we have to take with Calcium in order to absorb Calcium. If you are low on Vitamin D are you also low on Calcium???? Or can they be independent from each other? I was under they impression they functioned together since we need Vitamin D in order to absorb Calcium. No Vitamin D = No absorption of Calcium.

    Things always work together. One thing impacts another. I have a problem with Low Potassium. The doctor told me, "You should be dead. This is not possible for you to be alive and have no Potassium in your body." I went on huge, heavy duty supplements, but guess what? My Calcium, another electrolyte fell dangerously low and my heart started to stop again. One thing goes out and other things in the same system go out as well. If it isn't one thing it is another.

    Did your doctor say anything to you about your Calcium level after finding out your Vitamin D is low?

    1. Hi, no she did not, just made sure I have calcium in my daily multiple-vitamin and have plenty of dairy in my diet. I'll have to check in with her on this, thank you for the tip!


    2. Kat - Did your doctor say anything to you about Adrenal Fatigue or Adrenal Failure? I was prescribed high doses of concentrated liquid Vitamin D, DHEA and Pregnenolone for Adrenal Failure. My doctor sold them to me through her office at a discounted wholesale price. Preg and DNEA are by Vitamin D is by NSI at, but I don't see it on their website now. They might not make it anymore. The liquid vitamins last a long time as I take 1-2 drops per day. It is cheaper, the supply lasts longer and my doctor recommends the liquid version over the pills.

      Please check into Adrenal Failure and Adrenal Fatigue as that might be why your doctor said take Vitamin D. If we have Adrenal problems we will go into a depression that mimics Bipolar and Unipolar Depression. Adrenal Fatigue and Adrenal Failure is a significant problem and must be treated or depression becomes overwhelming and we become unstable. I know I do.

      If I forget to take my supplements I begin to wobble and fall off the fence. I feel as bad I do without L-Methylfolate. The L-Methylfolate deficiency and the Adrenal Failure affect me the exact same way. I did an experiment to check to see if I really do need Preg, DHE and Vitamin D. I started them. I got relief and felt better. My mood lifted. I stopped them to see how I would feel. I took to my bed, planned my suicide and spun out of control. I started the Preg, DHEA and Vitamin D again. My mood lifted. The suicidal ideation went away. I felt better and this tells me it works.

  18. I just placed an order for 5-MTHF 10 mg L-Methylfolate from They are even cheaper.

    Price per bottle is currently $56.10.

    This price is fluctuating depending on the price of gas.
    As gas goes up the price goes up just like everything else.

    They ship via UPS group 4 days and fast rate 2 days.
    How much they charge for shipping depends on your zip code.
    There is a box where you put in your code on the order form and they tell you how much the shipping charge will be. You find out the shipping charge before you enter a credit card number.

    The shipping charges for me are as follows:
    2 days - $21.13
    4 days - $7.19

    That gives you and idea of the shipping rates.

    I bought four bottles at once and only paid a flat rate shipping charge. The rate did not increase when I bought more. I like to buy 2-4 bottles to cut down on my shipping charges and also decrease the likelihood that I will run out of my meds/supplements and be without. I prefer to order in bulk for my own peace of mind.

    I take four pills per day. Ordering four bottles means they will last me for three months. That is pretty cool! Now I don't have go online or call for three months! I am good! No worries!

    With my prescriptions, vitamins, supplement, various doctor visits for my different medical problems, blood draws for my various medical problems, and they are numerous, it is nice to have ONE THING I don't have to deal for a couple of months. It is taken care of and out of my hair. I don't have to think about it or stress about it. I don't have to look for the package and make sure it arrives.

    I LOVE buying in bulk! It is soooooooooo relaxing! Tracking everything is so stressful and suck a nightmare! Things go missing. Things get misrouted and misdelivered. If I buy in bulk I don't have to worry about missing shipments and running out. Thing go more smoothly for me when I buy in bulk.

    1. EDIT: March 30, 2012

      I had problems with getting my order for 5-MTHF 10 mg L-Methylfolate from does not stock L-Methyfolate so my order did not come when it was supposed to. There was miscommunication between I will not be buying from them again. EVER.

      It took 3 weeks for my order to arrive from I had to go back to to get another order since I ran out waiting for my order from Health Vitamins.

      I am going to stick with as I never have problems with them.

      The paper inside the box from indicates the box was drop shipped by a company called GREENBROOK NUTRITION in Scottsdale, AZ.

      I did various Bing searches for "greenbrook nutrition l-methylfolate scottsdale az" and no website came up. I think they are a wholesaler and not a retailer. I did not call Greenbrook Nutrition as it was past closing time.

      Greenbrook Nutrition (732) 302 - 0181

    2. I'm sorry BiPolar girl but your wasting your $$$. You can get Deplin from a mail order pharmacy called Brand Direct Health (, 15mg 30 tabs for $48.00 a month. I just checked into NaturalHealthyConcepts and your paying too much. You could even cut your cost in half by breaking the tablet in half if you find that therapeutic. Hope this helps you out!

    3. Anonymous - I am well aware of Brand Direct. That is who I first bought from as they have the contract to provide Deplin at the lowest price. I started out with Deplin from Brand Direct.

      I need 40 mg per day. It is NOT $48 per month for me since I need such a high dosage.

      Comparing Deplin to L-Methylfolate mg to mg it is cheaper to go with the generic L-Methylfolate. Besides, I save on the cost of a doctor appointment to get a prescription when I go generic.

      With Deplin I need to have doctor appointments which adds to the cost of meds. With generic there is no doctor appointment to add to the cost of the med. At $200 per 20 minute doctor appointment that is not cheap and it adds to the bottom line cost of the med Deplin.

      If you must pay for a doctor appointment to obtain Deplin you have to figure in the cost of that doctor appointment into the total cost to get that med. It isn't just the cost of the med from the pharmacy. It is ALSO the cost of the doctor appointment to get the prescription in the first place. That is the TRUE COST of any and all meds. Just look at when you itemize your taxes and you deduct your expenses. What do you deduct? You deduct the cost of your health insurance, the cost of your doctor appointments, the cost of your medications, the cost of your lab visits, the cost of MRI, PET Scans, CT Scans, medical equipment, etc. This is the cost of your medical expenses. To say the cost of Deplin is what is what is costs...that is not the true cost. You are forgetting the DOCTOR VISIT BILL TO GET THE PRESCRIPTION. That drives up the cost of Deplin substantially.

      No doctor visit = lower cost for generic L-Methylfolate.

      You don't even need medical insurance to get L-Methylfolate. How easy is that? There is nothing more low cost than L-Methylfolate. No medical insurance needed. No doctor visit needed. Just pay for the L-Methylfolate and you are good to go.

      I did NOT like the customer service I got at Brand Direct. I did not care for that company. I would rather buy from instead. They treat me much better. That is important to me. If a company is taking my money they need to treat me right.

  19. Where is that methylfolate manufactured? I was getting a generic and stuff wasn't working, then found out from my doc that it was made in China, unstable and unfit for human consumption, needless to say I won't put anything made in China in my body ever AGAIN. I take 30mg a day as a single agent and my math shows that I am still saving money going through BDH and I am getting the real stuff. As far as your Dr bill...I get it.....but I usually just call in my med that I want if I have already tried it and visit once a year, unless I become more acute of course.

    Just trying to help......but I do think you should check on where it is manufactured and not where you bought it from since BOTH are two very separate things. Good luck to you BiPolar Girl and thanks for the info, I will keep it in mind if the cost of Deplin ever goes up for me and it can be confirmed that what your taking is actually manufactured here.

    1. I contacted Metabolic Maintenance to ask some specific questions per your request. They told me the following:

      1. The raw materials come from Italy.
      2. The pills themselves are manufactured in Sisters, Oregon where their headquarters are located.
      3. They have nothing to do with China.

      Happy now?

  20. Thank you for posting this information about the Metabolic Maintenance brand. My doctor just prescribed Deplin for me, and the whole folic acid malabsorption explanation makes so much sense to me - as I already have a B-12 and D deficiencies that the doctors can't explain...and then when I found out it was $95 for a 30 day supply of 15 mg Deplin, I felt the bottom drop out again. Here was something to try in addition to my Cymbalta and I couldn't afford it. Even ordering it from Brand Direct felt like such a huge outlay of TRY something! I am on Medicare, and SSDI, to have something that might work right within my reach and not be able to get it is so frustrating. I have ordered the generic from Natural Healthy Concepts, and we'll see if it works. God, I hope so. I am at the end of my rope.

    1. I hope you get some relief. Since it is not a medication, but considered to be a "Medical Food" (Vitamin) it does take time to build up in the body. It took about 2.5 - 3 months before I felt different and noticed things were different for me. A medication is faster acting than a Vitamin, Mineral or Medical Food.

      I started out taking two a day and I felt better, but then my doctor said, you are not there yet. Take three a day. I get better and he said, You are not there yet. Go up to four a day. My doctor said, "I want you on a split dose so it is level in your bloodstream. Take one pill breakfast, lunch, dinner and at 9:00 PM as the 9:00 PM dose will wrap around and cover you for in the morning."

      Taking all four pills in one dose means they spike in the bloodstream and then wear off so there is no coverage for the rest of the day. It is better to split the dose and spread it out over the course of the day to keep the bloodstream stable and a steady supply into the bloodstream.

      Natural Healthy Concepts sometimes has a sale on L-Methylfolate. When they do I stock up for future use to cut the cost.

  21. Dear Bipolar Girl,

    I want to thank you for turning me on to Natural Healthy Concepts, I ordered my L-Methyfolate on Friday afternoon, paid around $5 for priority mail shipping, and it was here on Monday! They seem to have lots of other good vitamins and supplements too :-) My doctor was able to give me two weeks' worth of actual Deplin pills to try, and a discount card for the Brand Direct pharmacy for the real stuff. I have to calculate the savings difference to see which one will be better for me. So it's now Day 3 of adding Deplin/L-Methyfolate, so far so good - no side effects that I've noticed (which is a plus) but I'm sure it's too soon to see any improvements.

    So a question about dosage - my doc prescribed 15 mg of Deplin...does that translate to 3 capsules of the 5 mg generic? Or is there a difference - since you are taking so many more (4 capsules a day of ? mg??) I guess I'm slightly confused.

    If it DOES work for me, I am wondering...I have two sons who have mental health oldest has Asperger's Syndrome and has some problems with mild depression. My younger one has childhood bipolar disorder and is somewhere on the autism spectrum, ADHD and dyslexia. In reading about Deplin, and the background research about how there is a genetic issue with how folic acid is processing and utilized, I wonder if my sons have the same genetic issues...and if this folic acid treatment could help them. Of course, I would consult with our doctor before trying them on _anything_, but if such a simple thing would help them avoid the years of depression and misery I've endured, wouldn't that be great? My bipolar son has been on Lithium and Risperdal since he was 4...poor little guy has had such struggles - it breaks my heart. My older son tried a mild dose of Zoloft and it gave him a weird facial tic, so we immediately took him off it. The tic lasted months afterwards, so I am super-careful about giving him any medications. Obviously, their brains and nervous systems are very sensitive.

    Does anyone else see the connections in the faulty genetic issue with processing folic acid and brain and nervous system development and "wiring" as plainly as I do? Or am I being too hopeful that there is a simple answer to depression, bipolar disorder, asperger's syndrome, etc.? Of course, my pessimistic side thinks that doctors, Big Pharma and lobbyists will keep the simple answers from us so that they can keep making their big money...

    1. I take pills per day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and 9:00 PM. The 9:00 PM dose wraps around to cover me for the morning. I take the 10 mg dose. I take a total of 40 mg per day. This is what my doctor worked out for me. A lower dose is not enough for me. My deficiency is so severe that I need 40 mg per day.

      Every person is different. Your dose will depend upon what your body needs. A doctor can do a simple blood test to find out how deficient you are. They can do another blood test after you are on the L-Methylfolate to see if you are at the right level, too high or too low. I did not do blood tests, but they are an option if you want proof and pinpoint accuracy for dosage. Blood tests might be helpful for your kids. Blood tests answer your questions once and for all if you need to take the supplements or not. That is handy to know. Then you do not waste money or time on supplements you do not need and do not put yourself into a toxic situation. If you do not need the supplement and take it anyway you can end up with a toxic level in your body or even an overdose. Were you aware of this? You can get a toxic level from supplements such as vitamins and minerals and you can overdose on them.

    2. Yes, I am very aware of vitamin and supplement overdosages and medication interactions. I have family members who are pharmacists, and I thoroughly read all I can about prescriptions and supplements before I take them or give anything to my precious boys. :-) I think sometimes I ask too many questions and it pisses off the doctors - well, everyone except our psychiatrist. He loves that I read up on everything, and calls me one of his "best moms" because I am so careful and diligent about my sons' mental health. Currently, I give them only a multi-vitamin and Omega-3 supplement (which is great for not only your heart and skin, but for the nervous system - it's like a lubricant for your nerves).

      My bipolar son gets his blood work done regularly, and has had elevated bilirubin levels in the past (mostly when he was on Adderall, which we took him off of, it made his anxiety horrible, he is much better without it). We discovered that he functioned and learned better in a special classroom at school without ADHD meds, rather than have him drugged up and freaked out, with poison destroying his liver. He just needed to have school adjusted to his needs, instead of adjusting him to what the school wanted. (He got straight A's and one B this year!) Still, I'd love to be able to get him to the point where he can get off the Risperdal and Lithium. He's beautiful and smart and as much as he makes me crazy, I know it's all going to be worth it, because he's going to do something special in his life.

      Anyway, I know the Deplin is a version of B-9, which is water-soluable, not a fat stored vitamin like A and D are. I prefer to try things that are safer and have less side-effects for not just myself, but my whole family. For example, when my son gets manic and upset, he soaks in a warm bath with epsom salt and uses lavender aromatherapy soap - it calms him and he can sleep more restfully. When he gets muscle cramps from low potassium (from the Lithium) he drinks coconut water to rehydrate and give him a boost of potassium. The Omega 3 supplement helps him with dry, itchy skin (from the Lithium).

      I have gone back and read some of your older posts, my heart goes out to you for everything you have gone through, and I can understand much of what you've experienced. My diagnosis is/are major depression, PTSD, anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia, arthritis, asthma, and some auto-immune disorder that they are still trying to diagnose. I also have vitamin b-12 and D deficiencies. This year I was being tested for MS, which was thankfully ruled out. Scary stuff. My ex-husband is bipolar, and refuses medication, so I have seen the bad side of it - he abused me. My mom has lots of the same things you describe your mother as having - and so I can relate to that part of your childhood.

      Thank you for having the courage to share your life on your blog. You have touched my life and made a difference.

      I am fortunate that I now have a wonderful, supportive husband and we are making a secure, loving home for our family, so that my boys can get all the help they (and I) need. I hope that you are able to find that in your makes all the difference. ((((HUGS)))) to you.

    3. If you look at the website you can see a little bit of research supporting the need to use L-Methylfolate to treat Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder. It effects the Mood.

      This also ties in with Thyroid Disease. The Thyroid Gland regulated mood in the brain. I have Thyroid Disease which makes my mood unstable. Going on Thyroid medication T3 has made me stable. Studies show people who have Bipolar often have Thyroid Disease too. Taking Lithium will kill the Thyroid and give you Thyroid Disease. Which came first? Thyroid Disease or Lithium? For me it was Lithium. Three years later....BAM! I have Thyroid Disease.

      Will it help your son with his Asperger's Syndrome? No, it will not. It does not treat Asperger's. It might help him with his depression, but not with the Asperger's. Whether it helps with depression or not depends on if the person needs it.

      Will it help your son who has Bipolar? It might if he has a deficiency. It depends on what is going on with his body. Is it an inherited problem? Do you know?

      Does anyone in any generations above you have (or had) a Digestive Problem where they can NOT absorb their vitamins, minerals, amino acids, electrolytes, etc.?

      NOTE: When you find ONE Problem you will find more.

      Example: I have the L-Methylfolate problem, but I also have a problem with Amino Acids and Electrolytes. I have to take prescription Potassium to keep my heart from stopping. I need Amino Acids. I take GABA and Amino Acid Complex on the advice of my doctor. My doctor said, "If you do well on L-Methylfolate you will probably do well on GAB and Amino Acids." I tried them and I got much better. GABA and Amino Acids also lift the mood out of depression and regulate the mood for Bipolar.

      L-Methylfolate deficiency is a kind of Anemia. It is a problem with the blood. It is called Folate Anemia or Folic Acid Anemia (you can read about it on the Mayo Clinic website I also have Iron Anemia. I bet you do too. I take iron everyday with a meal to medicate the Iron Anemia and control it. That lifts my energy level. The blood cells are malformed when you have Anemia. They are not round like they are supposed to be. They can be a figure eight instead and have irregular edges.

      I'm really tired right now. This is all I can manage to say to you right now. I am so tired.

  22. Hi! Wow...I appreciate your honesty and being willing to share your struggles with so many people. I am a Nurse Practitioner and own an integrative medical practice in Greensboro, NC. I also suffer from depression and have wanted to try Deplin. I test patients routinely for the MTHFR gene mutation. It is proving to be a major player in patients wi depressive disorders. Patients with this mutation do not break down Folic Acid. The already metabolized form, called Folate, is then able to be used in the body. I went to pick up my prescription today and found out my insurance won't cover it either. I use pharmaceutical grade supplements in my clinic so I am going to try to find a generic version. I am always a little Leary of generics as the FDA only makes them be 70% as effective as the brand name. Anyway, thanks for the info!!

  23. Oh...I meant to say in my previous post that you should also combine your folate with B12- Methylcobolamin (5000mcg at least) and B6. They work together to correct the problems associated with the genetic mutation. If you can find someone to prescribe you B12 injections, they can be very effective at helping with chronic fatigue. Needs to be the Methyl form of B12 and not Cyano.

    1. I take a B Complex. Is that OK? It is the right form of the B12, but the dose is lower than what you say to take. Dose is 100 mcg (1667% of normal). I've tried taking it twice a day and I do not feel any different.

  24. I bought some L-Methylfolate off I found it at a cheaper price on Amazon. They do not ship as quickly as Natural Healthy Concepts does, but the price is low.

  25. Bipolar Girl, my diagnosis is bipolar and massive panic disorder and OCD. I cycle very rapidly. I take 150 mg Zoloft a day - very little result in 8 years. On July 3, 2012 my doc said "why don't you try this (Deplin), and see how it works, it can't hurt" - and he handed me samples. I noticed a difference within days, taking just 15 mgs a day (one pill). I started to research it and discovered the half life of Deplin (l-methylfolate) is about 3 hours. So, like you, I now spread my dosage out . I take three 15 mg Deplin a day, every 8 hours, 3 times a day, for a total of 45 mgs of Deplin a day. It works, and has changed my life. Not to be cavalier, but the $$$ cost is secondary to me ( I too was suicidal for a long, long time). Not suicidal anymore - the cost in $$$ for Deplin is certainly worth my life and certainly worth how much different and better I feel. Good luck to you!

    1. I'm so glad you got relief. That is good news. Good luck to you as well.

  26. Hi Bipolar Girl,

    It's 6 weeks after I first posted and since I started on the Deplin journey. I can say that I DO feel different, although it is subtle. I'm not so energetic and happy that I'm swinging from the chandelier, but I'm not shopping for a gun, either. I'm feeling just more even. But interestingly, I got some sort of virus (first respiratory, then the stomach part) which kept me from taking my meds for a few days. Two days off my meds and Deplin and I was laying in bed again, crying and feeling like the world was totally against me again. I am back on track for 3 days now, and I'm OK again. So I can see the effect that the Deplin has in making my Cymbalta work better. It's really rather astounding. After about 4 weeks on Deplin, I actually felt emotions of security, pleasure, contentment and I even laughed when watching a kids' movie with my sons. I've actually once felt "buzzy" in a really good kind of way.

    I thought that you might feel happy to know that your advice about the generics and your experience with Deplin gave me the hope to stick with it, and that it's making a positive difference. And how did you know that I am borderline anemic and also have a B-12 deficiency? I've also upped my vitamins and supplements including B complex and iron, and Omega 3, along with eating more organic veggies. That does help! Wish I could get the B-12 shots, but my stupid PCP won't do them for me.

    Now, if we can get through the Blue Moon tomorrow night without my bipolar little boy getting super manic, we'll be golden! Have you ever noticed a jump or change in your mood in accordance with moon cycles or weather patterns? We have with my son, and with Hurricane Isaac and a Blue Moon, I'm preparing for a wild ride for the next few days.

    Take care, Bipolar Girl! ((HUGS))

    1. OMG! That is awesome! I am so glad to hear Deplin is working for you. That is GREAT NEWS! Thank you for telling me you are doing better. You made my day! That is such good news. Thanks for taking the time to tell me. I appreciate it.

      Folate Anemia causes you to need Deplin. When a person has Folate Anemia they also typically have Iron Anemia. When you find one kind of Anemia you usually find more than one kind of Anemia. It is rare to have only one kind of Anemia. Usually, we get get more than one kind of Anemia.

      Folate / Folic Acid is Vitamin B9. When you are low on Folate / Folic Acid / Vitamin B9 generally that leads to a problem with Vitamin B12 too. Things are all linked together in the body. One thing effects another.

      I have not noticed any changes in my mood per the moon cycles. The moon does not impact me.

      What does impact me is the season changes. I like Spring and Summer. I hate Fall and Winter. Grey skies, rain, overcast skies, cloudy weather send me into a depression. I need to be able to see the sun. I am like a lizard. I must be able to sun myself on a rock. One doctor said I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and need the sun.

      Allergists tell me I am affected by Barometric changes as I get terrible sinus headaches when the Barometric Pressure changes when storms come. I can't equalize my head. I had sinus surgery done twice to alleviate the pressure so it is not as bad as it used to be. My sinus headaches turn into migraine headaches and no migraine medication can touch the migraine. I truly suffer. I end up in the bathroom puking or in bed flat on my back unable to move.

      Good luck with your son. You can try Magnesium (nature's Valium, very calming), Chamomile, GABA (treats Anxiety and Depression), Amino Acid Complex (treats Anxiety and Depression), Calcium at bedtime to make him sleepy and Melatonin to put him to sleep. These items lessen Anxiety, lessen Depression, lessen stress, calm a person down, are soothing and Calcium and Melatonin induce sleep. Good luck!

      Good luck with Hurricane Isaac and the Blue Moon!

  27. In Australia I can't get Deplin but I can get any generic delivered. I am compound heterozygous for the mthfr mutation and after 4 months of supplementation I can say all the fog of the past 10-20 years has been lifted. I don't know when exactly I slipped into it but I had.

    Anyhow I started with the slow approach taking a mg a day for 3 months. I was using the Thorne products as they were readily obtainable but expensive.

    Here's the 2 things I would point out:

    1. You need to take methylcobalamin as well to get the full benefits.

    2. If you swallow the pills less than 10% will be absorbed. You're wasting a huge amount of medicine.

    The way to use it is to open up the gel cap and use it sublingually. The metabolic maintenance stuff tastes very nice this way as a bonus. My first hit of 10mg sublingual was amazing. Within 5 minutes I could feel the 'zing' as my brain went into a higher state.

    I now take one a day sublingually together with methylcobalamin sublingually in the morning. Anyone swallowing these is wasting a lot of their money.

    1. Oh, wow! Thanks for telling me! I didn't know taking the L-Methylfolate sublingually was the way to go. Thanks for letting me know.

      I had never heard of methylcobalamin before. Thanks for telling me about it.

      I wonder if I can cut back on my dosage once I get better absorption and save some money???? That would be cool!

    2. I tried opening the L-Methylfolate capsules like you said and taking them sublingually. It does taste very sweet! It is yummy like candy. Now I open the capsules and dump the contents under my tongue instead of swallowing them. Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it. I didn't know that.

      Second, I ordered the methylcobalamin as you advised. I will give that a try as well. It will take some time to build up my body before I see changes. My Endocrinologist told me it take 8 - 12 weeks of taking a vitamin or supplement for the body to be built up so we can see and feel a change. She said, "The blank spots have to be filled in first and then you will start to feel different." It will take some time for me to notice a chance.

      Thanks for telling me these two things. I had no idea!

      I appreciate your help and advice. You have been most helpful!

    3. Where are you getting the L-methylfolate capsules? I would really like to try taking it sublingually. I've been taking 15 mg tablets for about 6 weeks with good improvement in mood, but I would like to see if taking it sublingually could help lift my mood even more. I have been struggling with PTSD and severe depression for nine years and have been close to suicide many times. It would be so fantastic to have a BIG lift in mood. Where do you buy the capsules?
      Thanks so much!

    4. Hi-what has your experience been with methylcobalamin? Thanks!


      I buy form

      I buy brand name: Metabolic Maintenance.

      It comes in:
      5 MG
      10 MG
      15 MG

      You guy what dosage suits you and your needs.

      You can also buy from Metabolic Maintenance, but I find it is cheaper on Amazon.

    6. I got a new shipment of L-Methylfolate and it is different from before. The old bottles were sweet and very fine. They melted under my tongue. The new ones are not sweet and don't melt. I don't know what happened.

      The contents stick to my teeth and don't melt into my skin under my tongue. The formula seems to have changed. I am back to swallowing them.

    7. Some links to help you:

      MTHFR.Net is a super helpful website.

  28. For anyone interested in all the scientific details of how the lack of L-methylfolate can mess up your neurotransmitters, here is a link to a research study:

    My doc sent me this article to read and suggested I try L-m. My health ins. won't cover it; glad to read about all the sources for getting it at a lower cost! Thank you!

    My doc prescribed 15 mg per day. It lifted my mood the FIRST day I took it. I couldn't believe it. I emailed my doc and asked her how long a person had to take it to feel a lift; she didn't know but suggested 2 or 3 weeks as a timeline. I didn't tell her that I already felt a lift, because I thought, maybe it's a placebo effect, or maybe it will help for a short time but it won't last.

    I have tried SO MANY different drugs that have failed to help me. I have been in weekly individual therapy for the last NINE years and weekly group therapy for the last FOUR years since the traumatic experience that caused my PTSD.

    Before starting the L-m, I was at the end of my rope. Not gun shopping but getting close. I"ve been taking it for close to 6 weeks now, and I have never, ever, felt this kind of mood lift before.

    As a side question, I have been plagued with acne since I was 15, and it is starting to disappear. Wondering if the L-m has anything to do with it going away? Anyone else experiencing acne clearing up after starting L-m?

    1. Thank you for the link.

      I didn't have acne prior to L-Methylfolate so I can't speak to the acne issue. I do have acne now though. However, my acne is due to having Stage 4 Renal Failure. My Kidneys can't filter the toxins out of my blood because they are dying. The toxins are coming out of my skin instead. The toxins have to go somewhere, so now I have cystic acne.

      The Nephrologist ran every test known to man looking for a cause for my kidney failure. His conclusion? It is the Lithium that has killed my kidneys and there is NO OTHER CAUSE that can be found. Meanwhile, the new psych told me if I wish to change my dosage or go off Lithium he will lock me up. I am with Kaiser now. Different insurance company, different doctor. Same reaction. Nothing changes.

      Oct 2012 I was diagnosed with Stage 3A.
      Feb 2013 I was diagnosed as Stage 3B.
      June 2013 I was diagnosed as Stage 4 Renal Failure.

      I am going fast.

    2. Thank you for the link. I appreciate you sharing the link.

    3. hi! the methylcobalamin sublingual is vitamin you know the dose?

    4. Sublingual Vitamin B-12 MethylCobalmin I tried a dosage of 1 MG.

      I didn't notice a difference. Maybe the dosage is not high enough? Maybe I get enough in my B-Complex Vitamin pill already? I don't know what to think.

  29. Your blog is very informative! I am a psychiatrist from Brazil and will start prescribing it now. How did you do with the B12- Methylcobolamin, if you don't mind asking?
    All the best

    1. For me? I didn't notice a difference with the B-12 since I am ALREADY taking a B-Complex anyway. I already get in the morning dose or B-Complex.

      IF you are NOT already on a B-Complex then the B-12 is needed.

      I updated the other post on "T3 and Deplin have Changed my Life". You can see more info on that particular post. I give more details on that post.

      I'm glad you are enjoying the blog.

  30. I really appreciate your blog. I am in santa barbara receiving ketamine treatments. It has been quite effective for me but i will relapse to some degree within a relatively short period. I am going to try the methylfolate right away as supplementing the riluzole and effexor that I already take but is not getting me where I need to be to have a normal life. It is amazing how much can be accomplished by sharing this knowledge. Thank you for taking the initiative bipolar girl.

    1. You are welcome.

      IF L-Methylfolate works for you also try adding in the following items:

      1. GABA - An Amino Acid

      IF GABA helps?

      2. Add in Amino Acid Complex - the more Amino Acids in the pill the better. I go for the ones on Swanson Vitamins with the most Amino Acids possible.

      Amino Acids brings emotional stability.

      Magnesium - Nature's Valium. A good, natural Anti-Anxiety with no risk of addiction. It does raise the energy level which is good for Depression. Take it with food as it is hard on the stomach. Take it early in the day or it may keep you awake at night due to raising the energy level.

      Magnesium is very soothing and calming. Once you get relief from Anxiety the Depression will also improve. Anxiety and Depression are linked together. Control one = the other improves.

      B Complex Vitamins - Nicknamed "The Happy Pill." B Vitamins give a lift to the emotion and energy level. Again, don't take it past 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon or sleep will be a problem. You can take B Complex with or without food. It doesn't matter.

      Melatonin - For a sleeping pill you can take over the counter, cheap, easy to find Melatonin. Every pharmacy carries it. This is not addictive like a sleeping pill from a doctor and works better than a prescription sleeping pill or over the counter sleeping pill. It clears your system by the morning. You don't wake up groggy. You wake up refreshed and alert. Best of all it is NOT ADDICTIVE!

      Controlling your sleep-wake cycle is important for stable mental health. So using Melatonin to get on a regular sleep-wake cycle is very helpful.

      Keeping to a schedule is important.
      Having a routine is important.

      Melatonin helps establish a sleep-wake routine and schedule which helps with mental and emotional stability.